Our Solutions

Problem Worth Solving

  • The significant gap between demand and supply of electricity, has led to recurrent power shortages. Thus, the heavy reliance on individual power generators.
  • Power systems in Nigeria have been designed long ago in unidirectional transmission and distribution of electricity which has since become redundant to the challenges of Power supply faced in Nigeria today.
  • Centralized Power generation and unidirectional transmission/distribution in place are not suitable to tackle the energy demands in Nigeria.
  • These challenges have also led to the limitation of new applications of electricity such as in “Transportation”, “Railway”, “Security”  and “Data management” in the market.
  • Investment in the power sector of Nigeria has been slow due to several regulatory bottlenecks. This has been a challenge for years which has resulted in the underdevelopment of the power sector.

Our Solutions

A Network of Generation, Storage, and Smart Metering Systems

Heading towards climate neutrality, renewable energies, and decarbonization is a challenging endeavor, but it all begins with KushGRID. We recognize that the digital integration of energy production, storage, and consumption is crucial for optimizing the distribution of renewable energies. As a result, KushGRID is at the forefront of driving the digitalization of existing infrastructure.

In urban electricity distribution, a smart and interconnected infrastructure is essential to intelligently link power plants, battery systems, and smart metering systems. At KushGRID, we believe in the power of smart coupling, where the focus is not on individual systems but on their seamless integration.

Our approach involves combining sustainable technologies with smart infrastructure through innovative solutions. This unique combination enables us to deliver trend-setting and tailor-made solutions for efficient, decentralized, and cost-independent energy supply. Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy, and we are committed to acting sustainably in all respects.

Acting sustainably means that in our daily business decisions, we consciously consider the short and long-term impacts on tangible and intangible resources, as well as stakeholders. We strive to meet the needs of the present generation while anticipating the needs of future generations. This commitment drives us to develop a decentralized network of power generators, specifically PV panels, connected to community battery storage systems. This network forms the backbone of a secure, independent, and sustainable energy supply.

Our primary objective is to support power distribution by integrating renewable power plants and community battery storage systems within the distribution franchise areas. By embedding these technologies, we enhance the reliability and efficiency of the power grid while promoting the use of clean, renewable energy sources.

In summary, KushGRID offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses the digital integration of generation, storage, and smart metering systems. With our focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technologies, we are leading the way towards a greener and more efficient energy future.