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KushGRID Power project is a project designed to tackle the energy inefficiency in the African market, with Nigeria as a springboard. The project is designed to tackle the energy challenges through the development of an interconnected network of Blockchain based Micro-Grids across Africa.

Our Vision

The vision of KushGRID is to develop a Blockchain based decentralized, Renewable energy Generation, Storage, Distribution, and Trading network.

Our Mission

The mission is to organize Communities of Renewable energy producers into micro-grid operators connected through the TRIBE platform.

Main Initiative

"Our Goal is to establish a sustainable alternative utility grid that can ensure reliable and affordable access to power for Africans."

Problems & Solutions

Problem Worth Solving

  • Power systems in Nigeria have been designed long ago in unidirectional transmission and distribution of electricity which has since become redundant to the challenges of Power supply faced in Nigeria today.
  • Centralized Power generation and unidirectional transmission/distribution in place are not suitable to tackle the energy demands in Nigeria.
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Our Solutions

KushGRID is an innovative and forward-thinking company that is determined to revolutionize the way we generate and distribute energy. Through cutting edge blockchain technology, we are developing interconnected micro-grids that will include embedded power generation systems, specifically PV panels, which will be connected to community battery storage systems. This revolutionary grid will not only help stabilize the power grid, ensuring a more efficient and consistent power supply, it will also promote peer-to-peer energy trading within the existing distribution network.

Our embedded micro-grid networks are designed to provide customers within a distribution network with a sustainable and reliable power supply. KushGRID’s goal is to lead the alternative power utility market by utilizing technological advancements that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and reduce our dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. 

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