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Africa solar energy concept

KushGRID Power project is a project designed to tackle the energy inefficiency in the African market, with Nigeria as a springboard. The project is designed to tackle the energy challenges through the development of an interconnected network of Blockchain based Micro-Grids across Africa.

Our Vision

The vision of KushGRID is to develop a Blockchain based decentralized, Renewable energy Generation, Storage, Distribution, and Trading network.

Our Mission

The mission is to organize Communities of Renewable energy producers into micro-grid operators connected through the TRIBE  platform.

Our Objectives

  • To organize, develop and operate a network of community micro-grids.
  • To develop a Blockchain platform for seamless interaction between energy prosumers (producers/ consumers) and off-take consumers.
  • To promote private investment in the micro-grid space within Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • To promote peer-to-peer energy consumption and trade.

Our Advantages

Digital Grid

"A network of generation, storage and smart metering systems" Heading towards climate neutrality, renewable energies and decarbonisation is a long shot but the journey begins with KushGRID. Only through the digital integration of energy production, storage and consumption can renewable energies be distributed optimally. This is why we at KushGRID are driving the digitalisation of the existing infrastructure.


KushGrid's decentralised network of power generators (PV Panels) connected to Community battery storage systems are the backbone for a secure, independent and sustainable energy supply. We aim to support power distribution by embedding renewable power plants as well as community battery storage systems within the distribution franchise areas.


The urban electricity distribution needs infrastructure that intelligently connects power plants, battery systems and smart metering systems. For us it's not about individual systems but about their smart coupling. We use innovative solutions to combine sustainable technologies with smart infrastructure which ideally positions us to provide trend-setting and tailor-made solutions for an efficient decentralised and cost-independent energy supply.


We clearly commit ourselves to act sustainably in all respect. Our business is driven by sustainability. Acting sustainably means when making daily business decisions, we specifically consider the short and long-term impacts on the tangible and intangible resources and stakeholders. We consider the needs of the present generation and anticipate the needs of the future generations.

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